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Borrow Equipment

Healthcare Equipment Loan Program (HELP)

NDAD's Healthcare Equipment Loan Program (HELP) provides home healthcare equipment and other durable medical pieces at no charge for up to 90 days. The program is available through all five NDAD client services offices.

Before you borrow or return equipment, please review our cleaning and disinfecting guide (click for PDF), and the copy of the loan agreement provided on this page.

Do not use the copy shown; it is provided here for information purposes only. Please contact the NDAD office that serves your area - - for a form and to determine whether the equipment you seek to borrow is available.

NDAD's loan agreement must be signed by the user of the equipment.

Equipment provided through NDAD's HELP requires a signed loan agreement from the user of the equipment before it may be released. Please contact your local NDAD office to learn how we can accommodate a user signing the agreement.

This popular NDAD equipment-for-loan program includes, but is not limited to:
  • Manual and power wheelchairs and accessories
  • Scooters
  • Bed rails    
  • Shower chairs and transfer benches
  • Portable ramps  
  • Canes of various types
  • Bathtub and shower safety railings  
  • Commodes  
  • Gait belts  
  • Grab bars  
  • Toilet seat risers, rails and safety frames 
  • Rollators  
  • Walkers, knee walkers and walker trays  
  • Crutches  
  • IV poles
  • Leg lifters
Equipment borrowers range from people who have been injured or are recovering from illnesses or surgery to people with congenital or other long-term health challenges.

Some people need the equipment for only a short period of time, making a purchase unfeasible. Others borrow equipment for days, weeks or a few months until they purchase like or similar equipment themselves, either on their own, through insurance providers, or through other program assistance. 

In 2022, NDAD loaned 4,436 pieces of durable medical equipment, saving North Dakotans and borrowers in nearby border communities nearly $570,000.

Equipment that is needed for longer than three months requires an application and approval from NDAD's general financial assistance program.

Download a .pdf version of NDAD's Healthcare Equipment Loan Program (HELP) rack card.