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Donna and Hilbert Klingman

Published: Friday, July 1, 2022
Image of Donna and Hilbert Klingman of Minot
Originally published in July of 2022

During 60 years of marriage, Donna and Hilbert Klingman have done more things together than they possibly can count. Add another thing to that list, now that these retirees both receive help with medications from charitable nonprofit NDAD.

Donna is the newer recipient of the two after rising costs took her breath away.

“Now both of us are in need” of prescription help, she said. “When I got on these inhalers that got so expensive.... Ohhhhhh! Ridiculous!”

Hilbert had been using NDAD’s free prescription assistance program to help him treat his diabetes, COPD and congestive heart issues. When the inhalers for Donna’s own COPD further challenged their finances, Donna contacted NDAD’s Marsha Dupre, our charity’s client services representative in Minot.

“She sent some paperwork to fill out. Just a few questions,”  It wasn’t a difficult task, she added.

Donna concedes she at first was somewhat apprehensive about seeking NDAD’s assistance. “I didn’t feel comfortable” at first, she recalled. “You want to do things on your own. It just felt a little embarrassing or something.”

But need helped her get past her initial reluctance, and now she’s grateful she proceeded to apply. As a result of NDAD’s help, she’s now breathing a sigh of relief.

“Yes, I think it’s a great system, a great program,” Donna said about NDAD. “I’ve been tickled to death to be in it."