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NDAD Insider - Fall 2017 cover


Past NDAD Insider newsletters

NDAD Insider - Summer 2017

Spring 2017 NDAD Insider
NDAD Winter 2017 Insider
In NDAD's Insider newsletter for Winter 2017, meet a new, enthusiastic Grand Forks area user of NDAD's free Healthcare Equipment Loan Program (HELP) who is dealing with MS. Learn about the response to NDAD's first participation in Giving Hearts Day. Meet a rural Mandan couple that volunteers annually for NDAD's fun-filled adaptive water recreation event, Escape to the Lake. Learn how a Bismarck woman who survived a stroke has received NDAD's help to remain as mobile and independent as possible.

The Fall 2016 edition of NDAD Insider features a cover story about Alicia Rombs, a Bismarck woman with quadriplegia who has found new mobility, independence and confidence to perform well at her job with help from a new advanced power chair purchased with help from NDAD.  Read also about NDAD's participation in the region's upcoming Giving Hearts Day 2017 fundraiser on Feb. 9 and learn how you can help. Also, learn about improved access to NDAD's free Healthcare Equipment Loan Program in Fargo, and meet Bismarck's Travor Vannett, who continues to stay active thanks in part to an assist from NDAD.
NDAD Insider - Summer 2016 cover
In the Summer 2016 edition of NDAD Insider, you'll meet Fargo's Shirley Ann Robideau, a woman with multiple disabling circumstances who is more mobile and independent again, thanks to help from NDAD. You'll also meet a Minot stroke victim and his partner / caregiver who have benefited from several NDAD programs, and a Grafton woman who is sold on NDAD's popular Healthcare Equipment Loan Program after scooting her way through two surgeries.
NDAD Insider - Spring 2016
The Spring 2016 edition of the NDAD Insider newsletter, which is in PDF form, features an article about a Bismarck resident who had a heart transplant and received NDAD's help with the North Dakota Organ Transplant Program. There's also information about NDAD's Faye Gibbens Memorial grant and NDAD's addition of a client service representative specifically for southeast North Dakota.

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A sampling of past NDAD Insider newsletters

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NDAD Insider Winter 2016 cover
NDAD Insider Winter 2016
  • Ron Olson: Valley City man with MS says promoting NDAD is no tough sell
  • Andrew Fromherz: Mom of Park River area son with congenital birth defects considers NDAD aid a 'godsend'
  • Terry Harmon: 2014 NDAD-backed fundraiser for Grand Forks man provides benefits long after money exhausted
NDAD Insider Fall 2015 cover
NDAD Insider Fall 2015
NDAD Insider Spring 2015
NDAD Insider Spring 2015
  • Ron Lerud: Grand Forks man nearing 43 years with quadriplegia says, 'I choose to laugh'
  • Dustin and Michael Wollman: NDAD aids young southwest North Dakotans
  • Community fundraisers: Organizers of NDAD-sponsored events offer some tips
NDAD Insider Winter 2014
NDAD Insider Winter 2015
NDAD Insider 2014 Special - Escape to the Lake 20th anniversary
NDAD Escape to the Lake Special Edition 2014
  • A look back: NDAD, partners adapt over 20 years of offering adaptive water recreation fun
  • Eric Kersey: Bismarck area Escape participant's reactions speak volumes to his family
  • Ray Ganyo: Escape helped NDAD Grand Forks client with quadriplegia quench thirst for living
NDAD Insider Winter 2014
NDAD Insider Winter 2014
  • Carmen Del Valle: NDAD assist helps Grand Forks foster grandparent in critical time of need
  • Remembering Faye Gibbens, 1943-2014: Nobody worked for NDAD like this co-founder
  • Q&A with NDAD's Leslie Stastny: Flexibility major plus with NDAD Financial Loan Program option
NDAD Insider Fall 2013
  • Kevin Peterson: Bismarck man with MD bolsters his life, mobility with assist from NDAD
  • 2013 Escape to the Lake photo gallery
  • James Knecht: Assist gives Grand Forks man affected by polio more independence, control -- and a whole lot less stress
NDAD Insider Spring 2013
NDAD Insider Winter 2013 cover
NDAD Insider Winter 2013
NDAD Insider Fall 2012 cover
NDAD Insider Fall 2012
NDAD Insider Fall 2010 cover
NDAD Insider Fall 2010
  • Ione Balfour: NDAD helps Bismarck woman with lift for van and medications
  • 16th Annual Escape to the Lake
  • Carol Wegner: NDAD assists Fargo woman with prescription expenses
  • NDAD's Williston grant programs

Harold Ennis
On a pleasant August day in 2012, Harold Ennis got a good, long look at the miles of northwest North Dakota countryside around Tagus, a now-unincorporated town where he spent his youth.   In this rural area between Minot and Stanley, Ennis saw the wetlands and varied waterfowl. New oil development. The crops and grain ...
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