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Pedro Gonzalez

Published: Thursday, July 11, 2019
NDAD helping other to help themselves
Pedro Gonzalez of Williston is an early 2018 kidney transplant recipient who’s been buoyed by NDAD’s invaluable assistance for medical travel needs to and from Bismarck for his scheduled post-transplant appointments.

“The NDAD is a great place that gives people help,” said Pedro, who’s 40. “I urge people if they need any help with anything, and if they feel like there’s no hope, or even any help that they can get, you can always call the NDAD. And they will try their hardest to help you in any way they can.”

Pedro has battled continued intestinal issues. In November, he underwent surgery to remove most of his colon after a large obstruction was found. He’s had several emergency hospital visits. “So the last couple of months have not been very good to me,” he concedes.

Yet, the 40-year-old Gonzalez doesn’t want your sympathy. Anything but, in fact. The San Bernadino, Calif., native prefers building upon the help he’s gotten from NDAD, his sister-in-law, Jennifer, who gifted one of her kidneys to him, and his big brother and closest sibling, Roman, who volunteered one of his own kidneys and helps support him in other ways.

Pedro hopes his enthusiastic endorsement of NDAD will help share the good fortune he’s had with others in serious need. Learn more about Pedro and other Giving Hearts Day ambassadors in coming weeks at

Published in January 2019.