Altru Alliance helps NDAD's HELP effort with grant

Posted: Jun 18 2021
Logo for Altru Alliance
Charitable nonprofit NDAD has been awarded $1,250 from Altru Alliance to purchase wheelchairs and crutches for its Healthcare Equipment Loan Program (HELP) provided through its Grand Forks office.
Altru Alliance works in partnership with Altru Health System to provide services to patients and families, fund supportive activities and promote the health and welfare of the community. As of 2021, the Altru Alliance has contributed over $3.9 million to Altru departments and the community.
The Altru Alliance is a membership group, open to interested adults within the Health System’s service area. The Alliance’s major source of funds is the Altru Alliance Gift Shop, located on the main floor of Altru Hospital in Grand Forks.
NDAD’s HELP is provided not only in Grand Forks but also its offices in Minot, Fargo and Williston. More information is HERE. Or, contact your nearest NDAD office.

Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez of Williston is an early 2018 kidney transplant recipient who’s been buoyed by NDAD’s invaluable assistance for medical travel needs to and from Bismarck for his scheduled post-transplant appointments. “The NDAD is a great place that gives people help,” said Pedro, who’s 40. “I urge people if they ...
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