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Giving Hearts Day


For multiple years, NDAD has participated in Giving Hearts Day, an annual 24-hour fundraising event for charities and nonprofits throughout North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. It is NDAD's only fundraiser of the year.

The 16th annual Giving Hearts Day is Thursday, Feb. 9, 2022.. 

Giving Hearts contributions may come to NDAD via:
  • Match pledge - Can be made prior to the event or pledged in good faith to be matched. 
  • Online (scheduled and day-of giving) - Can be received online on Giving Hearts Day or scheduled prior to that day - from Jan. 2 through Tues., Feb. 7, 2022. All online contributions for Giving Hearts Day are made at
  • Check - Received prior to or on Giving Hearts Day. Dated Feb. 9, 2023, or if not possible, with "Giving Hearts Day" written in the memo line or including an attached intent letter. Contributions should be written out to NDAD.
  • Business employee match - A pledge made by a business that counts in real time to NDAD's Giving Hearts Day total, through a custom link that is set up for that business. Call NDAD if interested in creating this business option.
  • Gift cards - Purchased prior to Giving Hearts Day by businesses or individuals and redeemed on Feb. 9 by the donor.
Each Giving Hearts Day provides an awesome opportunity for you to be a partner in NDAD's important mission through your spirit of generosity. By donating to NDAD on Giving Hearts Day, you support children and adults with disabilities and health issues throughout North Dakota and adjacent border communities.

  • Vital prescription medications
  • Medical travel expenses
  • Home and vehicle accessibility
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Personal attendant care
  • Accessible transportation
  • Adaptive recreational activities
Count yourself for NDAD this Feb. 9. Be a part of NDAD's giving mission to help children and adults with disabilities and health concerns with a Giving Hearts Day donation.