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Taniesha Anderson

Published: Monday, March 11, 2024
Closeup of Taniesha Anderson of Minot
Originally published April of 2022

"I believe the best word would be ‘elated,’ definitely ‘elated,’” Louis “Mac” McLeod said. “And to see everything coming to fruition? That’s just a wonderful thing.”

He was describing family friend Taniesha Anderson’s reaction to a successful Minotbased fundraising effort which involved NDAD.

The effort helped the 19-year-old online college student obtain a specially designed accessible vehicle - one she not only can board herself but drive on her own, too.

Taniesha was born with caudal regression syndrome, a developmental disorder that impairs her spinal cord, lower back, limbs and more. She’s had multiple surgeries and therapies. She regularly uses a wheelchair.

NDAD’s role included serving as custodian for funds raised on her behalf and providing marketing assistance. NDAD and Marsha Dupré, Minot client services representative, were “very helpful,” said McLeod, fundraiser chairman who already was familiar with many of NDAD’s charitable services in his role as executive director of of the Minot Area Homeless Coalition.

NDAD’s free Community Fundraisers Program is for children and adults with health issues and disabilities, such as Taniesha, who needed help after her mom’s vehicle with adaptive equipment was struck from behind and totaled last fall.

None of it deters Taniesha, who’s studying for a career in criminal justice. “A very smart lady and one who does not give up,” McLeod said. “She’s been told a lot of things that she couldn’t do but that’s never entered her mind. She’s a go-getter.... She’s steadfast. She gets that from her grandparents and her mother, Sharon.”

Grandparents Leonard and Martha Anderson, pastors at Minot’s Church of the Living God, helped the fundraiser meet its goals using in-depth research and broad contacts, Mac said: “The support for this young lady came in from around the world.”

Pastor Martha noted that fundraising allowed Taniesha to obtain a small loan to help complete the purchase of a two-seat vehicle with adaptive controls and rear wheelchair access.

“We do thank God, the community and others for it turning out as well as it did,” Martha said. With fine support from other relatives, area churches and others in the Minot community, including NDAD, McLeod agreed, “This was not one of those things that was going to be a failure.”