Helping Hearts provides opportunity to help NDAD during pandemic

Posted: Apr 27 2020
Helping Hearts provides opportunity to help NDAD during pandemic

For more than 40 years, NDAD has been assisting North Dakotans with disabilities and chronic health conditions with their medical needs. NDAD was founded on the belief that people with disabilities and health challenges can live more satisfying and productive lives when given the opportunity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NDAD remains diligent in supporting our clients, even when our funding has been drastically reduced.

The need still exists for medical necessities such as vital prescription medications, travel expenses to out-of-town medical appointments for treatments and surgeries, medical equipment and supplies, personal attendant care expenses, and home and vehicle accessibility.

With your help, NDAD can continue to provide assistance. Please consider becoming a Helping Heart today and make a donation online:

NDAD is part of Helping Hearts Covid-19, a crisis response fundraising platform provided by Dakota Medical Foundation, High Impact Institute and Alex Stern Foundation. More information:

It's amazing what people can do when there's help - from NDAD ... and your support. Thank you.

Jenny Chavez
NDAD provided much-needed assistance to Jenny Chavez years ago to help widen the doorways in the Devils Lake mobile home she purchased and also to install an accessible shower. Jenny has quadriplegia caused by a 2000 auto accident. The 39-year-old uses a wheelchair and a wheeled commode that doubles as a shower chair. By spring 2018, Jenny desperately ...
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