July 26 date of benefit for Russ Rarick

Posted: May 29 2018
July 26 date of benefit for Russ Rarick
NDAD is sponsoring a community fundraiser for Russ Rarick, an East Grand Forks, Minn., husband and father of two with advanced tonsil cancer. The fundraiser highlight is a July 26 benefit in East Grand Forks at the Eagles Club.

Russ, 54, has completed 18 weeks of chemotherapy, and his most recent medical scan showed that these early treatments have helped. He was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in November 2017, and later learned from scans that he also had cancer in his collarbone, in three lymph nodes in his neck and in four places in his spine.

Go to NDAD's Russ Rarick fundraiser page to learn more about Russ and various ways to help.

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