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Your chance to be a giving heart for NDAD

Published: Monday, February 11, 2019
NDAD helping other to help themselves
Anytime today through this Thursday, Feb. 14, Giving Hearts Day 2019,
we urge you to say "Count me for NDAD."
NDAD's slogan has been public for weeks as North Dakota and northwest Minnesota near our region's largest annual day of giving, Giving Hearts Day. NDAD and more than 400 other nonprofit charities are taking part.

NDAD certainly is a charity to love this Giving Hearts Day. Very likely you have friends, family, co-workers or neighbors who have received help from NDAD, or are getting help from us now.

Any donation received by NDAD - 100 percent - will be used toward the very worthwhile ways we provide assistance to people in need with disabilities and health concerns throughout North Dakota and the state's Minnesota border cities. Some examples:

Vital prescription medications
Medical travel expenses
Home and vehicle accessibility
Personal attendant care
Adaptive recreation activities
Durable medical equipment

Your support of NDAD's mission will do wonders to help those in need live more healthy lives, with greater mobility and independence.

Anytime today through Giving Hearts Day, go online to, click the blue tab in the "Schedule Your Giving Hearts Gift today!" box. On the new page that appears, type NDAD in the search tab, then follow the instructions to make your donation. Where it asks, "Would you like to schedule your donation for Giving Hearts Day?" check the box that says "Yes, schedule it."

Or, mail or drop off a check at any NDAD office on or before Feb. 14. Please make your check payable to NDAD, date the check Feb. 14, 2019, and write "Giving Hearts Day" on the memo line.

It's AMAZING what people can do when there's help - from NDAD and your giving heart.

Thank you.

Meet our 2019 Giving Hearts ambassadors