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Nominate NDAD for Gate City's Giving Hearts contest for non-profits

Published: Wednesday, January 18, 2023
ND Giving Hearts DayGiving Hearts Day supporter Gate City Bank, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, is giving nonprofits a chance to win up to $100,000 with help from nominations by people like you.
Here's your opportunity to give charitable nonprofit NDAD a great chance to help even more people with disabilities and health issues throughout North Dakota and our state's directly adjacent border communities.

Please help NDAD by 1) Visiting https://GateCity.Bank/GivingHeartsDay ; 2) Scroll down to where it sayd "Start Nominating"; 3) Nominate "NORTH DAKOTA ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISABLED (NDAD)"

You also can cast your ballot just by going to and filling out the entry as asked.
It's simple to do.

Know that you can nominate NDAD - on its own or along with your other favorite charities - as often as you'd like today through Thurs, Feb. 2.

The winning $100,000 charity, plus five $5,000 winning charities, will be announced by Gate City Bank on Giving Hearts Day 2023, which is Feb. 9.

NDAD thanks you for your participation and your support, not just for our charity but fine charitable causes throughout North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.
Gate City Bank's painting for its 100th anniversary contest, featuring a grand prize  donation of $100,000 to one GHD charity

Watch Gate City's video: