Borrow Equipment

Healthcare Equipment Loan Program (HELP)

NDAD offers a loan program to people at no charge to borrow a piece of durable medical equipment for up to three months. This program is available through NDAD's Grand Forks, Minot, Fargo and Williston offices.
This popular NDAD equipment-for-loan program includes, but is not limited to:
  • Manual and power wheelchairs and accessories
  • Scooters
  • Bed rails    
  • Shower chairs and transfer benches
  • Portable ramps  
  • Canes of various types
  • Bathtub and shower safety railings  
  • Commodes  
  • Gait belts  
  • Grab bars  
  • Toilet seat risers, rails and safety frames  
  • Lift chairs  
  • Rollators  
  • Walkers, knee walkers and walker trays  
  • Crutches  
  • IV poles
  • Leg lifters
Equipment borrowers range from people who have been injured or are recovering from illnesses or surgery to people with congenital or other long-term health challenges.

Some people need the equipment for only a short period of time, making a purchase unfeasible. Others borrow equipment for days, weeks or a few months until they purchase like or similar equipment themselves, either on their own, through insurance providers, or with help from NDAD’s low-interest Financial Loan Program for assistive devices. 

In 2016, NDAD loaned 2,482 pieces of equipment to 1,296 individuals with a total estimated savings of $478,000 versus having to pay for equipment out of pocket.

Equipment loans for longer than three months require an application and subsequent approval for NDAD's general financial assistance program.

Vans for loan

Three vans with ramps -- two in Grand Forks, one in Minot -- are available for loan from NDAD to people who are full time wheelchair users and their driver. These vans can be used for pre-approved events within the state of ND.  Any out of state trips must be for medical purposes only and be approved in advance by NDAD.

NDAD vans are not equipped with hand controls. 

The user must return the van with a clean interior and a full tank of gas.

Contact NDAD at (800) 532-NDAD (-6323) for more information.
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(NOTE: NDAD application forms and some other materials are provided online in a .PDF software format. Download Adobe Acrobat's .PDF reader if you don't have one.)

Contact your nearest NDAD office or call NDAD at (800) 532-NDAD for more information about the Healthcare Equipment Loan Program and the types of equipment currently available at that office. 


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