Charitable Gaming

NDAD began its charitable gaming operations in 1982.

Gaming is regulated by the State of North Dakota. NDAD's gaming proceeds help to support our multiple client services.

NDAD provides charitable gaming at the following venues:


Pub 21
1014 S 12th St., Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 255-9445

Pub 21 pig wheel table



Bulldog Tap
4265 45th St. S., Suite 165
(701) 356-3827

3800 Main. Ave.
(701) 277-1880

Shotgun Sally's Rock 'n' Roll Saloon
1515 42nd St. S.
(701) 241-4386

Hennessy's Irish Pub
4323 45th St. S.
(701) 540-5187

Grand Forks

Southgate Casino Bar and Grill

2525 S. Washington St.
(701) 775-7941

Shotgun Sally's Rock 'n' Roll Saloon
2015 Library Circle
(701) 772-1980


closeup of bingo balls

1808 20th Ave. S.E.
(701) 838-7345

Rockin' Horse
2625 Burdick Expressway E.
(701) 838-4003

2605 Burdick Expressway W.
(701) 838-4003

Grain Hopper
2212 Valley St.
(701) 838-4017


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