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About Wheelin' & Dealin'

Buying: To purchase or inquire about an item, you must contact the seller directly. The seller's information will be listed in the advertisement.

Adding an item: Click on "Submit an Item" in the menu located in the upper-right corner of this page. On the new page, complete the form provided, then click "Submit."
  • You must provide your first and last name, your email address and other private contact information. This information (**) is for NDAD's internal uses only and will not be displayed to the public. It will help NDAD contact you if there's a question about your ad or to verify that a request to remove an item is legitimate.
  • Provide your "Public Contact/Phone." Adding your name in this space is optional.
  • Provide your item title. 
  • Be sure to select the most appropriate category for your item.
  • Provide your asking price (or free if you're giving it away). If your price isn't firm, you may add "or best offer." 
  • Provide a description of the item you're selling. Please include the approximate location where the item offered for sale is located (ex. city, county, or state), especially if it's not in North Dakota).
Ad approval:  A NDAD representative will review and approve each advertisement before it is posted. NDAD will keep each listing active for 90 days, after which time it will automatically be removed unless NDAD has been contacted for an extension.

Seeking item to buy: To seek durable medical equipment, assistive mobility devices or other equipment for people with disabilities and health issues, please add the words SEEKING in the "Title" line at the beginning of your item description, i.e. SEEKING Van With Wheelchair Ramp.  

Removing an item: Please call (800) 532-NDAD or email wheeldeal@ndad.org to request that your posted item is removed from the Wheelin' & Dealin' feature. A NDAD representative will confirm the information and remove the item.