Williston Programs

NDAD contracts with the State of North Dakota to provide the following specialized services to clients of Northwest Human Service Center:

Crisis Residential

NDAD, under contract with Northwest Human Service Center, provides short-term crisis stabilization for people with a serious mental illness, chemical dependency issues, or both, who live independently and are experiencing relapse symptoms that do not require hospitalization or need additional stabilization time following a hospitalization.

The client is able to stay in a safe, supportive environment where basic needs are met.

ALSO: Clothing, necessities sought for Williston Crisis Residential Unit (2-23-2022)

Missouri View Heights

Missouri View Heights (MVH) is a HUD 811-funded eight-plex for people with serious mental illness who are in need of supportive services.

This project is a joint effort between Community Action Partnership, Northwest Human Service Center and NDAD. NDAD, under contract with Northwest Human Service Center, provides supportive services to the residents at Missouri View Heights.

Medication Monitoring
The Medication Monitoring program brings medication to the client seven days a week. This is for clients who either take medications by court order, are not willing to take medications, or forget to take them.
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For more information about the Williston Programs, call (877) 777-NDAD (-6323) or (701) 774-0741.

Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez of Williston is an early 2018 kidney transplant recipient who’s been buoyed by NDAD’s invaluable assistance for medical travel needs to and from Bismarck for his scheduled post-transplant appointments. “The NDAD is a great place that gives people help,” said Pedro, who’s 40. “I urge people if they ...
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