Giving Hearts Day 2021

Giving Hearts Day is an annual 24-hour online fundraising event that helps NDAD and numerous other nonprofits in North Dakota and western Minnesota through generous contributions. 

Each year, Giving Hearts Day provides a platform for charities to fund their missions through an ever-increasing community of donors, many of whom get to experience the joy of giving for the first time.  Founded in 2008, Giving Hearts Day is the longest-running giving day in the country, and it has helped participating charities raise more than $70 million.

Giving Hearts Day 2021 was held Thurs., Feb. 11.

Participating charities raised a total of $22,019,694 from 34,567 Giving Hearts on that day. There were 89,162 total donations from 42,272 donors, plus 769 pledges of volunteerism and 234 goods pledged.

Each Giving Hearts Day provides an awesome opportunity for you to be a partner in NDAD's important mission through your spirit of generosity. By donating to NDAD on Giving Hearts Day, you support children and adults with disabilities and health issues throughout North Dakota and adjacent border communities.

  • Vital prescription medications
  • Medical travel expenses
  • Home and vehicle accessibility
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Personal attendant care
  • Accessible transportation
  • Adaptive recreational activities
Even though Giving Hearts Day is over, the Giving Hearts Day website accepts donations year round for participating charities, including NDAD:

Become part of NDAD's much-valued mission to help people in need with disabilities and health challenges live more healthy, mobile and independent lives.

Follow NDAD's Facebook and Twitter pages and for more information about our organization and for further details about Giving Hearts Day 2022 as it draws nearer.

NDAD. Helping Others to Help Themselves. On Giving Hearts Day and every other day, too.

Jenny Chavez
NDAD provided much-needed assistance to Jenny Chavez years ago to help widen the doorways in the Devils Lake mobile home she purchased and also to install an accessible shower. Jenny has quadriplegia caused by a 2000 auto accident. The 39-year-old uses a wheelchair and a wheeled commode that doubles as a shower chair. By spring 2018, Jenny desperately ...
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