Jeff Dilger

Jeff and granddaughter Sami

Among customers of Western Distributing Co., Jeff Dilger is known as “one of the good guys.”

Sometimes bad things happen to good guys.

On Aug. 3, Jeff suffered a debilitating stroke.

He is going to therapy multiple times a week. He’s unable to return to work at this time.

Jeff’s absence leaves some big shoes for Western Distributing to fill.

The Bismarck-based company’s warehouse manager since February 2015, Jeff is prompt with service calls and makes sure customers receive the proper care and attention. At work, his familiar laugh and good nature are easily recognized and definitely welcomed.  He’s a highly valued employee who truly enjoys working with the various charities in North Dakota.

Jeff’s presence continues to be missed.

Jeff lives in nearby Wilton with his wife, Penny, and one of his daughters, Keri. Another daughter, Erica, is mom to Alex and Sami. Jeff’s favorite role is being Grandpa to those two kids. He also enjoys some spare time outdoors, particularly while fishing.
Jeff with grandson Alex

Jeff’s debilitation is deeply felt, given he’s the primary breadwinner for a family already experiencing challenges that result from disabilities.

Donations will greatly assist Jeff and his family. All donations to a new fund established for Jeff by charitable nonprofit NDAD will be used for his medical and general expenses.

Click the “Donate Now” button on this fundraising page for Jeff and use your credit card or PayPal to contribute to his fund.

Or send a check to NDAD, c/o Jeff Dilger Fundraiser, 1808 20th Ave. S.E., Minot, ND 58701. Please make your check payable to NDAD and write Jeff’s name on the memo line.

Jeff's employer
Jeff's coworkers and friends at Western Distributing extend their heartfelt appreciation to you for helping Jeff.

- - - - -

This fundraiser is sponsored by NDAD thorugh our charitable nonprofit's free Community Fundraisers Program. Learn more about it on HERE or by calling (800) 532-NDAD (-6323). Thank you.

Penny and Jeff with granddaughter Sami



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