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NDAD's free Community Fundraisers Program can assist community members raising money on behalf of a person with a disability or health challenge. 

Through this charitable program, NDAD may act as custodian of any funds raised through community fundraising projects.

Because they're not generated by NDAD, these funds can be used to help the person with any appropriate expense within Internal Revenue Service guidelines.
Money raised via benefits and other community fundraising efforts can be used for the same type of expenses as those funds generated by NDAD, as well as things such as hospital, clinic, or doctor bills; or other disability related costs. NDAD keeps none of the proceeds.

Because NDAD is a charitable, federally approved 501(c3) organization, donations made to NDAD for a community fundraising project are tax deductible, provided you itemize on your taxes. NDAD also can provide consulting information on fundraising, assist with some social media and other marketing efforts, and also pay bills and expenses out of the fund as directed by a fund chairperson.

NDAD’s lengthy reputable service in North Dakota also can be reassuring when potential donors consider a fundraiser sponsored by our organization.

Download a PDF of NDAD's Community Fundraiser Program card.

Contact your nearest NDAD office to request community fundraiser assistance.