Wheelchair Basketball

Ever try recreational basketball on wheels? Go for the fun action with other teens and adults two Sunday afternoons each month, sponsored by NDAD.

Wheelchairs are provided. All wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users are welcome, which includes people with or without disabilities.

Chris OlsonThe charitable nonprofit's wheelchair basketball get-togethers feature 3 p.m. starts at St. Mary's Elementary School gymnasium, 216 Belmont Road, near the south side of downtown Grand Forks.

Days are subject to change, so please contact NDAD for details at (701) 775-5577, (800) 532-NDAD (-6323), or by email at braden.benson@und.edu.

Wheelchair basketball's roots began with the Wallbangers Wheelchair Athletic Association, founded in 1972 by a group of individuals with disabilities at the University of North Dakota and surrounding areas. Its purpose: provide recreation and competitive physical activities for people.

NDAD became the Wallbangers' sponsor. Over the years, in addition to wheelchair basketball, the Wallbangers have been involved at times with a variety of other wheelchair sports and recreation activities, such as softball, track and field, paraquatics and snow skiing.

In organized competitive wheelchair sports, players are classified according to degree of disability. Also, the Wallbangers take part in exhibitions to raise awareness of the sport.

Occasionally, NDAD wheelchair basketball players also participate in exhibitions or demonstrations.  Contact NDAD for further information.

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