Giving Hearts Day

In early 2017, NDAD was heartened by our region of Giving Hearts.

Your spirit of generosity buoyed our charitable nonprofit's first-ever participation in Giving Hearts Day.

The annual regional fundraising event, a 24-hour give-a-thon of goodwill, includes hundreds of charities. It's organized by Dakota Medical Foundation, Impact Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation.

The impact is profound. Giving Hearts count -- especially when they beat together.

Giving Hearts Day 2018 is Thurs., Feb. 8, with the social media slogan #COUNTME.

This year's Giving Hearts Day is another terrific chance for you to be a partner in NDAD's important giving mission.

By donating to NDAD on Giving Hearts Day, you support children and adults with disabilities and health issues throughout North Dakota and neighboring states' border cities.

Please say #COUNTME on Feb. 8. 

On that day, go to and give online to NDAD.

Or, mail or drop off a check at any NDAD office by Feb. 8.  Please make sure your check is payable to NDAD, date the check Feb. 8, 2018, and write "Giving Hearts Day" on the memo line.

It's AMAZING what people can do when there's help from NDAD -- and your giving heart.

Harold Ennis
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